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What did Mouth buy instead of spray string for Nathan and Haley's wedding party?
What was Haley and Peyton's first dare on Dare Night?
Where does Andy go to visit the victim of his car accident?
How many things of the 500 Things to See Before You Die has Whitey seen when he was in the hospital?
What was the first gift that Felix gave Brooke?
According to Jake, what do you need on every road trip?
Where is Brooke's first job?
Who sees Haley and Chris kissing at the bus station?
Chris opens for The Wreckers in what episode?
What is Jules' real name?
What state is Brooke's dad's new job in?
What is Nicki's pet name for Jenny?
What is Cooper's crew chief's name?
In 'Lifetime Piling Up,' what is the name of Deb's bar?
Where does Jake send Jenny when he turns himself into the police?
What magazine does Ellie say she works for when she meets Peyton for the first time?
What is the combination to the safe in Dan's office?
What is Brooke's middle name?

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