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In the pilot episode, how many shots does Dan tell Nathan he must make?
What was Keith's average when he played for Whitey?
Who told Lucas and his friends that there was no Santa Claus?
What is Tim's jersey number?
Who was the Master of Ceremonies for Burning Boat before Whitey?
Where does Haley see Lucas and Peyton kissing?
What is Dan's father's name?
What organization sponsors the banquet that Dan, Deb, Keith and Karen attend?
Who does Nathan buy amphetamines from?
What song does Karen sing to Lucas when he is in the hospital?
Who performs at the first open mic night at Karen's Cafe?
What is the first song that Haley sings for Nathan?
Who gets the chicken pox at The Classic?
How much did Deb pay for Tim at the Boy Toy Auction?
When did Lucas find out about Haley's tattoo?
Where did Brooke tell Lucas that she thought she was pregnant?
What does Karen do when Lucas tells her that Brooke is pregnant?
How many games had the JV team won when Whitey wanted McCallum to coach the first play-off game?
What kind of snack does Nathan find the bracelet he gives Haley in?

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