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Can you name the characters in Nippon Ichi's games?

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Never speaks
Singing heroine
Can wield spears, drills, guns, swords, and morningstars
Doesn't talk like the others
Wields a book
Carries two guns
Also carries two guns
Werewolf imposter
Cursed frog
Bratty prince
Cute lackey
Tough lackey
Beautiful lackey
Dark Hero
Home Ec teacher
Wannabe heroine
Bad-ass freakin' overlord
Hidden tyrant
Zombie maker
Really really really big
Strongest World Eater
Middle World Eater
Weakest World Eater
Angelic Villain
Princess with a dark side
Silent Knight
Dark Eboreus
Borrowed from Vanillaware
Most powerful overlord
Space monster ______
Vampiric plotter
Chartreuse Gale
Name means breeches
EDF's general
Honor roll student
Dracon imposter
Secretly 'The One'
Angelic final boss
Mushroom girl
Master of Death
Damned scientist
Sacred Tome
Rainbow team leader
Suicidal ninja
Super Robot
Greedy demon
For her sake, he will not fail
Weird Pirate Cat

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