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In which episode does Twilight Sparkle not make an appearance ?
How many total points are in Twilight Sparkle's cutie mark?
What was one of the stallions strangely obsessed with in the Hearts and Hooves day song that the CMC sang?
What shape is a fire ruby?
Who was the first pony to reveal her element of harmony, as well as the first to be discorded?
Which character is a robot in 'Friendship is Witchcraft?'
What phrase is used to censor profanity in 'Friendship is Witchcraft?'
What slur does Rainbow Dash call Twilight Sparkle?
What can Chancellor Puddinghead think inside of?
Who is Clover the Clever's mentor?
Who crosses the finish line first in 'May the Best Pet Win?'
What was Colgate dressed as for Nightmare Night?
Who did the voice of Derpy Hooves when she finally got a line?
Who was wearing the Mare Do Well costume when it came time to rescue the construction workers?
One of the actors/actresses on the show 'Dead Like Me' voiced a major character in Season Two. Name the character.

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