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Can you name the unit operations at a typical oil refinery, given the description?

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Usually the first process in crude oil refining; washes out salt from crude oil
Distills the incoming crude oil into various fractions for further processing in other units.
Further distills the residual oil from bottom of Answer #2 at pressures well below 1 atm.
Uses hydrogen to desulfurize distilled fractions from other units in the refinery.
Converts low octane naphtha molecules into higher octane products called 'reformates.'
Using sulfuric or hydrofluoric acid as a catalyst, converts isobutane and butylenes into high octane products.
Converts linear molecules into more valuable branched molecules.
Removes mercaptans from various distilled fractions in a basic (alkaline) environment.
Removes hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide from refinery gases with an aqueous alkylamine solution.
Removes elemental sulfur from hydrogen sulfide gas
Converts heavy distilled fractions into lighter products by heating & passing over a powdered catalyst.
Converts heavy distilled fractions into lighter products in the presence of hydrogen gas.
Converts very heavy residual oils into petroleum coke.
Converts natural gas into hydrogen gas with high temperature steam.

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