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A: Its not rocket '____'
B: According to Randy, this person's scalloped potatoes are ****
C: After spending the night in Bubbles' sheds, Steve Rogers and his friends end up with this STD
D: J-Roc 'borrows' a verse from this rapper from Moncton
E: Ricky gave up the opportunity to buy a trailer in order to buy these for Trinity
F: Ray went to prison for this crime
G: The dumbest cop on the force
H: The boys make a driveway out of this
I: This is what Lahey was really drinking when he was pretending to be drunk
J: Julien's actor's real name
K: Bubbles rolls with these and he's hard as ****
L: Lahey claims he is this in a drunken rant
M:This is the legal name of Ricky's grandson
N: The province the show takes place in
O: Safety always '____'
P: Leslie Dancer's real army rank
R: No one wants to admit they ate nine cans of this
S: The name Bubbles gives to the puma the boys found in their weed field
T: The twiggy alien bastard who left and never came back
U: Green Bastard from parts '___'
V: J-Roc and the Roc Pile make their own variant of this liqour
W: A commonly heard phrase yelled by Donny off-screen

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