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A: The name of the competing delivery company that Cubert and Dwight start
B: The name of Bender's son
C: This material is what the Professor used to accelerate the growth of his basketball playing mutants
D: The material that Fry's fossilized dog is made of that allows it to not be destroyed in lava
E: MomCorp creates this phone in order to release the 'Twitworm'
F: The name of the TV show Matt Groening reveals at Comic-Con in 'Lrrrenconcilable Ndndifferences'
G: When Bender gets lost in space, this being sends him back to Earth
H: Lrrr refers Fry's penis as this in 'Spanish Fry'
I: The name of the person Fry was delivering the pizza to when he became frozen
J: This is one of the three main members of the robot mafia
K: Who is seen as the most attractive male by the Amazonian women?
L: The name of Fry's clone in Bender's Big Score
M: Leela is of this race
N: The emperor of Robo-Hungary
O: The planet that Bender briefly becomes ruler of
P: The gift that Santa gives Zoidberg, citing that he's the only one who's been good
Q: Professor Farnsworth becomes a consort to this person in 'All the Presidents' Heads'
R: The play in which Calculon kills himself
S: The organ of Zoidberg's that President Truman gags on in 'Roswell that Ends Well'
T: Bender was manufacture in this city
U: The name of the mermaid that Fry fell in love with
V: Zapp Brannigan is known for loving this material
W: Scotty get replaced on 'Star Trek' by this character
X: Bender cheats at poker using these
Y: The thing that Fry's father was scared of
Z: The porno magazine that Scruffy can be seen reading

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