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The northernmost permanent settlement in the worldA
The national animal of CanadaB
Slang name for CanadiansC
This city in Alberta is known for its large number of dinosaur bonesD
The nothernmost provincial CapitalE
This bay on the east coast has the largest tide differential in the worldF
This series of lakes sits on the Canada/US borderG
Santa Claus has this as this official Canadian Postal CodeH
Canadian Doctor Frederick Banting created this life saving treamentI
Canada has the worlds smallest '___' in Rodney, OntarioJ
This small town outside Ottawa has a very similar name to the name of the CountryK
Canada has more of these than all the other countries of the world combinedL
The Expos used to reside in this CityM
This town in Ontario is where the sport of Ringuette was foundedN
The national anthemO
The smallest province by populationP
The world's largest supplier of maple syrupQ
Canada's national police forceR
The Prime Minister of Canada lives on this street in OttawaS
The most multicultural city in the worldT
The name for Southern Ontario back in the founding daysU
This Canadian island is the 43rd largest in the worldV
This groundhog is supposedly the telltale sign of a long winter or early spring in OntarioW
This Ontario town is the only known home of a population of white squirrels (starts with E)X
The longest street in the worldY
This vehicle is used to repair the ice after a period/game of hockeyZ

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