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Larry put his finger in where for the good of the team?
What must be 'sacrificed' to end the feud between the Lacrosse and Football teams
Alex becomes this to avoid off season conditioning
He left BMS for Georgia Tech
Radon's nighttime radio Call-In show
Alex broke this QBs BMS record of 6 TDs in a game
When Denise was caught having sex on tape by Craig, she says the man she was having sex was a scout for this team
Craig injects himself with this, thinking it was steroids
Radon challenges Moran to this contest for the starting QB job
What do the students of BMS attempt to sacrifice after an undefeated season?
The name of Thad's house
This character accidentally received pictures of Coach and Debra's privates
Thad gets stuck in this after his vision quest
Thad suggests this in order to pass a drug test
What is Thad's real name

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