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How many symbols are on the inner ring of the Stargate
The first Stargate mission was to this planet
Egeria, queen of the tok'ra was imprisoned on this planet
Who recruited Daniel Jackson to work the Stargate project?
In the episode 'Threads' (s8e18) what persona does Anubis take
This character lived alone on the planet Altair for over 11,000 years until SG-1 came along
Ma'chello was played by
Togar created this entity to experience alien cultures
This member of the DeLuise family appeared in Stargate before any other member of his family
This planet was the original homeworld of the Asgard
Three episodes are titled after dates, 2001, 2010 and which other
What is Samantha Carters Rank in the pilot episode
Where was Martin Lloyd living when he first contacted the SGC
Actor Patrick Currie played the character of Eamon and which other character
Vala Mal Doran first appeared in this episode
In the Unas language Kor Asek translates to...
This goa'uld was the leader of a cult outside of Seattle
This actor is known for his lead role in SGA but before that he was in SG1 as Ernest Littlefield
This planet has two suns and was destination of the second SG1 mission
This director had a cameo in the episode 'Wormhole X-treme'
Master Sergeant Harrimans first names are Norman Walter...
This semi-automatic shotgun was shown to be quite effective against replicators
This SG team needed to be rescued in the episode 'Heroes'
Dr Elizabeth Weir was originally played by this actress
The role of Dr Weir was taken over by...
What is the lowest level in Cheyenne Mountain Complex?
What advice does Jacob Carter give Sam on his death bed?
This character spontaneously appears nude in Jack O'neills office
This system lord took on the persona of an Irish mythological figure
What is the name of apophis and sha'res (amunets) child
This character was the only goa'uld to take on the persona of a Babylonian God
Samantha Carter gave this character a cat
Jack has a cabin in which US state?
This song released in 1970 was played in the final SG1 episode
This Colonel has commanded both SG16 and SG3

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