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Can you name the Answers to these Simpsons: Season 8 Trivia Questions?

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What is the name of Bart's siamese twin brother?4F02
Homer's lifelong dream is to own this organization? (Promise not to laugh)3F23
What is Homer's boxing introduction theme song?4F03
Who is the voice of Larry, Mr. Burns' son?4F05
Which U.S. president celebrated his 40th wedding anniversary at the Maison Derriere? 4F06
What is the name of Kirk Van Houten's demo tape?4F04
Superintendant Chalmers: 'What's the point of owning a _____ if you can't show it off?'4F01
What is the name of the mental hospital Ned Flanders checks in to?4F07
What singer is the voice of the spirit coyote?3F24
Homer's ''alien'' turns out to be this character?3G01
Marge's competition, The Investorettes, sell this type of food? 4F08
What does Mr. Burns call the snowmobile?4F10
What is the name of the Simpsons' nanny?3G03
The Itchy & Scratchy & _______ Show4F12
According to John, what do the Japanese call Santa Claus?4F11
This episode, titled ''The Brother from Another Series'', is a reference to what TV show?4F14
While Lisa is babysitting, Rod & Todd Flanders are frightened by what insect?4F13
Under prohibition, Moe's bar turns into this type of business?4F15
Krabappel & Skinner spark a relationship at what character's birthday party?4F09
What name is registered on Bart's credit card?4F16
When asked about recycling, Mr. Burns' mental dictionary scrolls through one of these three words?4F17
''For Lucky Best Wash, Use _____.''4F18
Frank Grimes lives in a single room above (and below!) what business?4F19
''Chief Wiggum P.I'' is set in what U.S. city?4F20
Rommelwood Military Academy's motto reads ''I'll Die Before I Surrender, ___.''4F21

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