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QUIZ: Can you answer the following questions about Romeo and Juliet?

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Location, In what city is the play primarily set?
Character, Which friend of Romeo is the first to die?
Relationship, What relation to Montague is Romeo?
Plot (i), Which family hate the Montagues?
Plot (ii), Who does Romeo kill which causes his banishment?
Plot (iii), Who tells Juliet of the potion that mimics death?
First line, Spoken by?
Last line, Spoken by?
Quote, Finish the quote, 'It is the east and Juliet is the *blank*'
Random (i), Name the character who shares his name with a capital city
Random (ii), What order are the Friars part of?
Random (iii), How old is Juliet?
Most lines, Who has the most lines in the play?

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