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Location, Which town is besieged at the start of the play?
Character, Who is the king of France?
Relationship, What relation to John is Blanche?
Plot (i), Who proposes the marriage of Lewis and Blanche?
Plot (ii), The arrival of which cardinal prevents this happening?
Plot (iii), What does Arthur jump off to die?
First Line, Spoken by?
Last Line, Spoken by?
Quote, Who says 'Grief fills the room up of my absent child, Lies in his bed, walks up and down with me, Puts on his pretty look, repeats his words'?
Random (i), In this play, King John gets poisoned, how did he actually die?
Random (ii), Which famous event of John's rule isn't mentioned in the play?
Random (iii), Along with Lords Bigot and Pembroke who else joins Lewis towards the end of the play?
Most lines, Who has the most lines in the play?

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