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Location, Another tough starter, Where is Cleopatra queen of?
Character, Who brings the sankes to Cleopatra?
Relationship, What relation to Octavius Caesar is Antony's second wife?
Plot (i), Originally who is preparing for battle against Caesar?
Plot (ii), Antony agrees to marry who?
Plot (iii), Who kills theirself rather than Antony?
First Line, Spoken by?
Last Line, Spoken by?
Quote, Fill in the blanks(s), I will *blank* any man that will *blank* me
Random (i), What type of snake is used by Cleopatra?
Random (ii), Who does Antony allow to captain a ship in battle, who then flees?
Random (iii), What are Antony, Caesar and Lepidus originally, beginning with t?
Most lines, Who has the most lines?

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