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A - German concentration camp
B - Song by Queen, - rhapsody
C - Famous Egyptian Pharaoh
D - Author of David Copperfield
E - European country, with a blue, black and white flag
F - A group of organisms containing mold and mushrooms
G - Nationality of the philosopher Socrates
H - A word that sounds the same as another but has a different meaning
I - A polyherdron with 20 faces
J - The month of July is named after him
K - Largest landlocked country
L - 'Light' source popular in the 60s
M - Owner of the Tavern in the Simpsons
N - First name of scientist Bohr
O - Japanese art of paper folding
P - One of Santa's reindeer
Q - Host of the 2022 world cup (Football/ Soccer)
R - First name of Atkinson (actor) who has played Mr Bean and Blackadder
S - Sport in which the America's cup participate in
T - eg Birch, Williow
U - If there is only one way of interpreting something it is
V - Longest serving British Monarch
W - Where one would throw money in, hoping for dreams to come true
X - The summer capital of Kublai Khan's Yuan empire
Y - Japanese manufacturer of motorcycles
Z - A subset of Buddhism

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