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A - When the letters of a word are shuffled
B - Sport, associated with the queensbury rules
C - The stimulant contained in coffe
D - A book containing the definitions of words
E - An element named after Albert Einstein
F - The F in KFC
G - Third letter of the greek alphabet
H - Stringed instrument, played sitting down
I - Country referred to as boot shaped
J - One of the gospels
K - Film, about a giant ape
L - Animal native to madagascar
M - Painter, Claude
N - Chronicles of, first book, the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
O - A word that sounds like the sound source it describes
P - Card Game, types include Texas hold em
Q - Type of small bird, often reared for their eggs
R - Shakespeare play, with Juliet
S - Country on the Iberian Peninsula
T - Branch of maths involving sine, cos and tan
U - First Name of Sprinter, Bolt
V - Member of Mystery Inc
W - Philosopher, Ludwig
X - Part of a plant that transports water
Y - Colour of the Bealtes Submarine
Z - Another name for a courgette

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