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A - Medical condition, causes breathing difficulties
B - His ghost appears to Macbeth at a feast
C - Sport, Mallets used to hit balls through hoops
D - Film, Disney, released in 1941
E - Largest Land Animal
F - Simpsons Character, Ned
G - Monster Killed by Beowulf
H - Nationality of Erno Rubik
I - Triangle with two sides of equal length
J - Celebration of an anniversary, eg golden = 50
K - Warlord, Genghis
L - Member of the Beatles, John
M - Element, Symbol Hg
N - Waterfall between Canda and the USA
O - The code name for a sector of the allied attack on German occupied France
P - Husband of Claire in Modern Family
Q - State of Australia
R - Film, Hotel (Also a country in Africa)
S - Longest river in the UK
T - Cricketer who was the first to score 100 international centuries
U - Cord that is attached to the navel pre-birth
V- Roman Goddess of Love
W - County, where Stonehenge is
X - Musical Instrument
Y - Longest river in Asia
Z - Z in the phonetic alphabet

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