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A - The 18th Element of the periodic table
B - A game where you have to find your enemies ships
C - The State where you would find the San Andreas fault
D - Drives the Mean Machine in Wacky race
E - Darwin provided a theorem about this
F - One of the gifts brought to Jesus by the three wise men
G - Canine companion of Wallace
H - What some species of bear do during the winter
I - Water turns into this below 0 degrees
J - Capital of Indonesia
K - Country in which Nairobi is a city in
L - Mr Burns' son in the simpsons
M - Film, main character Neo
N - Mathematician, Isaac
O - Film Awards
P - South African Paralympian
Q - Sound ducks make
R - Philosopher, Bertrand
S - Finnish language
T - Artist, J.M.W
U - Helps keep you dry
V - Swedish car manufacturer
W - Leader in the Wars of Scottish Independence
X - Someone who fears others who are different
Y - First name of Toure, Man City footballer
Z - Former name of the Democratic Republic of Congo

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