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A mermaid who loves a human but is forbidden to see him, not to mention the fact that she cannot live on land.Father turns her human so she can live on land with her prince
Cursed to prick her finger and fall into an endless sleep (unless kissed by her true love) on her 16th Birthdaykissed by true love and the spell was broken
taken hostage by the beastlets her go but she loves him and comes back to be his princess
Family treats her like a slave, tries to keep her from her true love, locks her in her roomHer mice friends save her
Must marry a prince but loves a street urchin.talked her father into letting her marrya street urchin
Sickly father is drafted into army but takes his place disgused as a boy and falls in love with the captain Win the war, becomes famous, captures the heart of the captain
British are taking over land and the tribe go after them but she likes one of the British men.Goes to England
kidnapped and locked in a toweris reunited with real family
Stepmother poisons herKissed by true love and awoken
Turned into a frog by a arrogant PrinceEnds up loving the prince, kisses him, and they both turn human again

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