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An opera ghost terrorizes the cast and crew of the French Opera House while tutoring a chorus girl.
Composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber,the musical tells the story of a tribe of cats called the Jellicles and the night they make what is known as 'the Jellicle choice' and decide which
Based on the book by Victor Hugo, this musical follows a man who breaks his parol and takes care of a young child.
A group of dancers congregate on the stage of a Broadway theatre to audition for a new musical production directed by Zach.
Two women are in jail for murder.
A young girl takes her fathers place after he gets captured by a beast and grows to love him
In the Pride Lands of Africa, where a lion rules over the other animals as king.
This rock opera tells the story of one year in the life of a group of bohemians struggling in modern day East Village New York.
Based on songs from ABBA, a young girl longs to have her father at her wedding.
Two teens meet over summer vacation and fall in love, and soon meet again in school.
Jews and Orthodox Christians live in the little village of Anatevka in the pre-revolutionary Russia of the Czars.
Two young girls meet and college from VERY different backgrounds in Oz,and long to meet the Wizard.
A cockney flower girl caterwaul in the street gets offered to be turned into a lady.
A pleasantly plump young girl dreamsof being a dancer on her favorite tv show
This adult theme spoof of sesame street is about life after collage
A man who was once the 'King of Broadway' and now only produces flops.
An orphan who has a 'Hard Knock Life'
A blonde who follows her love to Harvard
An ogre who falls in love with a princess
A brilliant doctor and horrible beast.

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