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Can you name the musicals which have been reworded?

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Reworded TitleActual Title
Mr. Balboa Terror Performance
Give Me a Smooch, Ms. Hudson
Ladies Nearing an Anxious Collapse
Not Acting Badly
The Monarch and Myself
3 times 3
Metal Wharf
The Tome of Joseph Smith's Religion
A Chivalrous Male's Blueprint to Endearment and Homicide
Metropolis of Cherubim
The Breadmaker's Spouse
Untamed Get-Together
Reworded TitleActual Title
The Surreptitious Flower Bed
The Previous Half-Decade
A Small Amount of Nocturnal Melody
Murderers of Political Figures
Church Table Young Males
Pee City
Any Person Can Put Their Lips Together and Blow
Ms. Hall Grab Your Firearm
Harry Potter's Owl and the Raging 1/12 of a Foot
Sugary Alms
Violin Player Atop the Building

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