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I try to socialize but I can't seem to find...Living in the Past
Brushing the sleep from her young-woman eyesThe Broadsword and the Beast
How many cigarettes did I bring along?Benefit
In all your giving, given is the answerMinstrel in the Gallery
The rivers are full of crocodile nastiesWar Child
And join with us please Valkyrie maiden cryMinstrel in the Gallery
Saw Johnny Scarecrow make his roundsAqualung
Am I just the company you keep?Heavy Horses
Chill mists swirling like petticoats in motionStormwatch
I'm going back to the ones that I knowBenefit
Ring a crown of roses around your craniumToo Old to Rock 'n' Roll
The twelve o'clock gloom spins the roomLiving in the Past
You can see him every day riding down the queen's highwayToo Old to Rock 'n' Roll
Do you simply reflect changes of patterns in the sky?Heavy Horses
Have all the bishops harmonize these linesAqualung
You're a rabbit on the runWar Child
What a day for laughter and walking at nightStand Up
Too much to carry around with youStand Up
He drinks from the empty acorn cupSongs from the Wood
Her legs went on foreverCrest of a Knave

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