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Forced Order
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Became 2nd target of Atomic bomb by the U.S. August 1945
Atomic bomb, Talk of Invasion, Blockage
Line of defense built by the French along eastern border
Rise of Dictators, U.S. Isolationism, Appeasement
December 7, 1941. Japan bombed the U.S.
Emperor of Japan
33rd President, Authorized atomic bombing against Japan.
May 1945, Last German offensive of the War. Russians go to Berlin
Jewish people, Homosexuals, Gypsies, Mental or Physical Issues
Allies vs. Germany, defense and evacuation of British and allied forces
Authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.
Italy, Japan & Germany
Lighting War
Mass murder of Jews under German Nazi.
Germany's plan to invade the United Kingdom
British bombing campaign on Berlin
June 6, 1944. Launched the invasion of German- occupied western Europe
Italian Fascist Dictator
Leader of Russia, Man of Steel.
International agreement in which states promised to not use war to solve foreign problems.
34th President, Supreme Commander, U.S. General
Prime Minister, British Leader
German Secret Police under Nazi rule.
German Boxer
5 brothers from Waterloo
Japanese military leader
Japanese took U.S. prisoners, marched 60 miles to other camps. Tortured them.
Region of western Germany. 1933. France & Germany.
Bombardment of British cities by German Luftwaffe, aerial combat that accomplished it Hitler trying to invade Britain, British won.
German Air Force. Operation Sea Lion
Never elite race, Always voice opinion, Investigate
Belief the Aryan race is the super race. Blonde hair & Blue eyes.
Extreme pride in ones nation
Agreement between France, Germany, & Great Britain.
African American track star. Won 3 gold metals in 1903
Extremely or cruel act involving physical violence
Germany and Allies fought Soviet Union for control of Stalingrad.
1937, Japanese men raped many young women and children
Pro's- War done, No worry, Not many lives lost. Con's- Cancer, Leukemia, Innocent people died.
Greatest Nazi Military Commander
Plan to eliminate the Jewish race.
Invade, Negotiate, Bomb them.
Someone gives in to the demands of an aggressor.
Government controls every aspect of peoples lies.
Hitler and Stalin agreed not to attach each other. Agreed to Divide Poland
Nazi Concentration Camp.
German Nazi Dictator
British Field Marshal, Commanded the Allied ground forces in the invasion of Normandy.
1st atomic bombing. Enolagay dropped the bomb, Bomb named little boy.
Bulldog, English General, greatest generals in history
32nd President.
Nazis invade Poland. Unleashed the Blitzkrieg-lighting war. Poland falls in 4 weeks.
American Boxer, African American. Won 2nd time
Policy of remaining apart from the affairs or interests of other groups.
Great Britain, United States (Russia) & Canada
City in eastern Germany, almost destroyed by Allied bombing in 1945

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