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QUIZ: Can you name the Spanish 2- Vocab 1b?

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to straighten the garage
the night table
to decorate
to help my mom
the closet
the bed
the chair
to clean the bathroom
to be lucky
the dryer
to vacum
the kitchen
to feel like
to be hungry
the dish washer
the living room
to school
to take out the trash
what do you prefer to do?
the bedroom
what is there to do at home?
to make the bed
the window
the mirror
to be ... years old
new year's eve
the carpet
like to
to prepare dinner
the door
let's go to
to water the plants
i like
to have a cold
a surprise party
the desk
rooms of the house
things in the house
prefer to
to cook
the basement
the toilet
to dust
the garage
to mow the lawn
the shelf
the washing machine
to be cold
to be in a hurry
to be thirsty
the bathroom
the tub
to have to
to wash the dishes
the wall
the garden (yard)
the armchair
the stove
to set the table
the dinning room
to dry the dishes
the lamp
to be tired
the refrigerator
the dresser
the painting
the sink
plan to/ intend to
to sweep the floor
where do you plan on going tonight?
to the teacher
the furniture
want to
to be hot
i want to go

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