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Forced Order
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Electoral College Reform
Senator of Iowa, Republican.
Speaker of the House, Republican
Running for Iowa State Senate, Republican
Campaign Finance Issues (3)
Congressional Demographics Basics
U.S. Representative, Democrat.
Running for V.P. Republican. With Romney
Tea Party, NRA, AARP, NEA, Food Lobby
Money that is tracked and regulated
Powers of Congress
How many votes the candidates need to win the electoral college
Members of the Senate, 2 from each state
U.S. Senator, Democrat
Senator from Iowa, Democrat
Ways to represent
Senate- 6 years H.O.R- 2 years
Donate to the party
Can make any new law, could make congress too powerful
Gives congress seize property for public good as long as it pays fair market value
Running for U.S. House, Republican
Lobbyist, founder of Americans for Tax Reform.
House Majority Leader, Republican
United States Senator, Republican
President, Democrat
Running for President, Republican
Running for Iowa State Senate, Democrat
Composed of 2 legislative bodies. House of Reps & Senate
Redraw district line to favor a group of people
House brings changes/ Senate runs the process
Presidential Powers (4)
Many people representing the States, casts votes for the election of the President & V.P
Running for V.P. Democrat. With Obama
Members of House of Representatives
People that the representative represents.
Redraw district lines after a census
Minority Leader, Democrat.
Presidential Roles
Pork Barrel Politics
Oversee government agencies

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