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definition parts of the body
breathing rate, heart beat
solid waste matter leaves the body
eggs are produced (females)
receives blood from pulmonary veins
separating thorax from abdomen, role in breathing
major air passages of the lungs, diverge windpipe
offspring are conceived
makes nutrients that supports the sperm
absorbs water from remaining in digestible food matter
receives blood from right atrium & pumps
receives blood from left atrium
urine is conveyed out of the body
inner region of organ or tissue when the outer region of cortex
enclosing the heart
supports the small intestine
runs between the stomach & large intestine/ digestion completed
duct by which urine passes from kidney to bladder
oxygen can pass into the blood & carbon dioxide is removed
receives blood from head & arms & chest
hard bone prevents food from entering
organ that produces spermatozoa (men)
central cavity of the labyrinth in inner ear helps with hearing
thinking, learning, vision
involved in many metabolic processes
coordinates muscles to move
makes incline
receives blood from vena cava & coronary sinus
canal leading to the cervix & uterus from the vulva
definition parts of the body
secrete many of the components of semen
conveys sperm from the testicles to the urethra
cartilage at roof of tongue, stops food from entering lungs
produces saliva, salivary glad
comprise of the major portion of the brain
holds food/ mixes things together/ breaks down some
carrying blood from right ventricle to lungs
playing the role of consciousness
retention of urine
receives blood from lower limbs & abdominal organs
first part of the small intestine/ digests
perception of odors
muscular organ forming air passage
biting and chewing
opens to the duodenum, regulates food.
conveying air to and from the lungs
tasting, licking, swallowing, speech
produce T cells from immune system
sits on top of the kidneys/ produces adrenaline
bacteria lives/ breaks down more food
eggs passes from an ovary
final section of the large intestine/ straight
carrying oxygenated blood from lungs to left atrium
connects throat to stomach
filters wastes from the blood
envelops the ventral nervous system
supplying oxygenated blood to circulatory system
removal of blood cells stores intestines
stores sperm

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