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Can you name the four letter words in this word ladder?

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***Below passing grade***
To prevent someone from succeeding
To work hard
Instrument to aid work
Fee to travel on some roads
To tend the soil
An invoice
Produced by the liver
Folder to hold documents
To discharge a gun
Announced as the golf club strikes the ball
Courage was one and was where F-Troop Had there home
Baptistry in a church
A liking or affection for
To ward off blows
To Post something
Past tense of the above word
If you don't like it stay out of the kitchen
To be made well from illness
First word in salute to Hitler
Where the world would be if Hitler had of won
Ringing device
Round object kicked around a field by players
Money given for temporal release from jail
Ice falling from the sky
Grows on top of the head
***Neither poor, nor excellent***
Gladly, Willingly
Archaic word meaning to thrust with a weapon
A piece of currency made of metal
To gather rope into loops
To disturb, disquiet and irritate
To revolve repeatedly
Actor's job
Courtney Love's band
Grab onto
Soft flexible covering for the head
***Of high quality***
Stick with pointed electrically charged end for driving cattle
Four legged animal
Vessel for travelling on water
To defeat
***Of the best quality***

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