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Can you name the Monarchs who were on the throne when?

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Forced Order
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HintMonarchEvent Date
Who was on the English throne as Gustavus Adolphus won the battle of Lutzen?
Who was on the French throne when Genghis Khan (Temujin) united the Mongolian tribes?
Who was on the Spanish throne when Toyotomi Hideyoshi took control of Japan?
Who was on the Portuguese throne when the American civil war ended?
Who was on the German throne when Frederick Temple became Archbishop of Canterbury (england)?
Who was on the Belgian throne when the cruise liner Titanic sank?
Who was on the Danish throne when John F.Kennedy was assassinated?
Who was on the Norwegian throne when Mansa Musa succeeded his father Abu bakr ii on the throne?
Who was on the Swedish throne when the British Act of Settlement was passed?
Who was on the Russian throne when Christopher Columbus Sailed to the New World?
Who was on the Italian throne when the second Afghan war broke out?
Who was on the Polish throne when Alexander vi (Rodrigo de Lanzòl-Borgia) was Pope?
Who was on the Greek throne when the Russian revolution(Bolshevik aswell as October Revolution) took place?
Who was on the Scottish throne when the battle of Agincourt was fought?
Who was on the Vatican throne when the French surrendered to Hitler's Germany?

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