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DescriptionSocial Order Highest to Lowest
Members of the _____ were men of considerable personal wealth and standing and wore a toga with a broad stripe (tunica laticlavia).
These were upper/middle class men of wealth, often described as 'Knights'. They wore a toga with a narrow stripe (tunica angusticlavia).
The common 'class' included every freeborn male citizen not (q1 and q2 answers). It varied from the unskilled poor to wealthy merchants.
_______ were freeborn citizens from parts of Italy outside Rome. They had certain legal rights and were granted a form of roman citizenship.
Freeborn inhabitants of Roman territory outside Italy were considered ________. They were granted a form of citizenship in the 3rd century CE.
The (q7 answer) who had been liberated in a specific ceremony by their masters. They had rights, but their status changed over time.
The non-free who had no rights and were bought and sold by their owners. ____ were considered personal property under Roman law.

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