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Can you name the Kings and Queens of England from 802-1066AD?

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802-839 ADThe house of Wessex
839-858 AD
858-860 AD
860-865/6 AD
865/6-871 AD
871-899 ADthe Great
899-924/5 ADthe Elder
924/5-939 AD
939-946 AD
946-955 AD
955-959 AD
959-975 ADthe Peaceable
975-978 ADthe Martyr
978-1013, 1014-1016 ADthe Unready
1013-1014 ADThe Danish line
1016 ADIronside House of Wessex
1016-1035 ADThe Danish line
1035-1040 ADHardrada/Harefoot
1040-1042 AD
1042-1066 ADthe Confessor , the house of Wessex Restored
1066 AD
1066 ADwhilst william was ill, he was voted in by the witan to only be forced out 2 mounths later by william.he was only 15
1066-1087 ADthe Conqueror , post Norman Conquest

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