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DescriptionSpeciesExtra Info
Maybe one of the first humans or maybe more closely related to apes, as it shows a mixture of human and ape characteristics. Only the fragments of a skull have been found.6.7 MYA In Africa Brain Size 320-380cc
Is know to us through finds of large canine teeth. Little is known about the species, except that it may have been bipedal.6.2-5.8 MYA In Africa Brain Size Unknown
Was one of the earliest species to be placed on the human tree. This species had primitive canine teeth.5.8-5.2 MYA In Africa Brain Size Unknown
Is a very early hominin. Fragmentary remains include large canine teeth found in ethiopia, which are similar to those of the Australopithecines.4.5-4.3 MYA In Africa Brain Size Unknown
DescriptionSpeciesExtra Info
Is little known as few remains have been found. The jawbone from Kenya resembles that of a chimpanzee, while the teeth are closer to human teeth.4.3-4 MYA In Africa Brain Size Unknown
Was a slenderly built species. Its facial features appear to have been more human than earlier Australopithecines. It had longer legs and shoter arms than modern humans.3.3-2.4 MYA In Africa Brain Size 400-500cc
Known as 'Lucy', this early hominin was relatively short at 1m (3.3ft) in height, had shorter limbs than the later species, and significantly walked on two feet.3-2.4 MYA In Africa Brain Size 375-500cc
Is the most extreme version of the early 'robust' humans living in eastern Africa. They flourished in the dry savannah areas at that time and may have died out after climate change2.75-1 MYA In Africa Brain Size 500-550cc
DescriptionSpeciesExtra Info
Has been the subject of much debate concerning its age and relationship to the hominin species. It had a relatively large brain and was bipedal.2.5-1.8 MYA In Africa Brain Size 750cc
Had relatively long arms, marking it out from later humans. The species may descend from the Australopithecines.2.5-1.8 MYA In Africa Brain Size 590-650cc
Was a powerfully built human with massive brow ridges, a large face and long low skull to accommodate a much larger brain.2-0.5 MYA In Africa, Asia, Europe Brain Size 810-1250cc
Was tall, with a brain size well below that of a modern humans. The skull was thick and the face long with a modern projecting nose, a massive jawbone and large teeth.1.9-1.4 MYA In Africa Brain Size 600-910cc
DescriptionSpeciesExtra Info
The skull had a large brow ridge but its brain size was larger than its ancestors.600,000-250,000 YA In Africa and Europe Brain Size 1225-1300cc
May have lived alongside us in europe. The species had a large brain and a short robust build with powerful limbs.350,000-24,000 YA In Africa and Eurasia Brain Size 1125-1550cc
Brain size is larger than earlier humans and it is perhaps this which has enabled us to thrive in a variety of enviroments around the world.From 150,000 YA Worldwide Brain Size 900-2000cc

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