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Do you know about the girls in the New Directions?

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What musical does Rachel want to be in on Broadway?
Who was the father of Quinn's baby?
For The West Side Story audition, what song does Mercedes sing?
What are Brittany, Santana, and Quinn known as?
True or false,Tina is adopted
What is Quinn's full name?
Who did Mercedes play in Rocky Horror?
What song did Santana sing to Brittany when they broke up?
Who won Prom Queen in Season Three?
What college does Tina go to?
What was the mean name everyone called Quinn in middle school?
What Broadway song does Rachel sing at Sectionals in Season One?
What episode did Quinn's parents kick her out?
What episode does Finn purpose to Rachel?
What song does Rachel and Mercedes sing for the diva-off in Season Two?
Who is Brittany's father?
Where do Brittany and Santana get married?
Who was Rachel's understudy in Funny Girl?
What does Quinn mean by her 'Perfect thing'?
What college does Rachel go to?
Who is Rachel's mother?
What song does Mercedes sing for her audition for the New Directions
What was the mash-up song did the girls sing in season One
What did Brittany's shirt say in 'Born This Way'?
Who said this, 'I was singing Sit Down Your Rocking The Boat when Puck and Finn were still throwing slushies at us'?
In Season One what club was Quinn in? (Besides the New Directions and the Cheerios!)
What song does Rachel sing for her audition for Funny Girl?
Who plays Mercedes Jones?
At the beginning of Season One, who does Mercedes like?
What did Tina fake half way through Season One?
What song did Santana sing at Sectionals in Season Two?
What is Rachel's favorite slushie flavor?
What type of religion is Rachel?
Half through Season Two, who did Brittany date?
What club did Santana start to prevent bullying?
Quinn had an iconic tattoo of who?
What was the name of Quinn's boyfriend in Season Five?
According to Finn what kind of drunk was Tina and Mercedes
To win Sectionals in Season Two, what did Artie give to Brittany?
What song did Mercedes write that was a hit on ITunes?
How did Quinn end up in a wheelchair in Season Threeee?
When Mercedes, Santana, and Brittany quit the New Directions, what all girls glee club did they join?
Mercedes and Quinn are part of what club? (Besides the New Directions!)
'The only straight I am is a straightup bitch' who said this?
What song did Rachel write for Regionals in Season Two?
What episode did Quinn start to walk without a wheelchair?
Who does Rachel want to grow up to be?
In the episode Funk who did Quinn move in wirh?
What episode did Santana and Rachel sing Be Okay?
What song did Santana sing for her audition for Rachel's understudy?
Who plays Santana Lopez?
What episode did Brittany break up with Artie?
What is Brittany signature quote?
Who were the only two girls who performed at sectionals in Season 3?
What mash-up song did the Trouble Tones sing at sectionals?
Who does Mercedes look up to?
According to Finn, who were the angry girl drunk?
What episode did Quinn realize she was pregnant?
Who is Mercedes best friend?

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