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Can you name the young adult novels by Lois Duncan?

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The lives of five captives hangs in the balance while their families gather the ransom.1966
Is it better to assume they're dead--or hope they're alive?1969
Nancy can read people's minds, know their thoughs... and make them do what she wants.1971
They thought the worst summer of their lives was behind them....1973
At Blackwood School for Girls, the private lessons might kill you.1974
Everyone loves Julia--except Rachel.1976
They only meant to scare him....1978
Sworn to secrecy. Bound by loyalty. Shattered by hate.1979
Someonee is watching Laurie, waiting to steal her life.1981
He had dazzling blue eyes and a winning smile--and only Karen could give him the help he needed.1984
New Orleans--a world of mystery, magic, and timeless beauty.1985
There's a new guy in town, good-looking, mysterious, and obviously interested.1987
If you had the perfect life, would you be able to walk away forever? April has no choice.1989
They don't burn witches anymore.... Or do they?1997

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