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The person who discovered Pasteurization
The person who sings the songs 'I walk the line' and 'Ring of Fire'
The largest country in Asia
The comic depicting a troublesome imaginative boy and his stuffed tiger
The name of the Lobster on the show 'Spongebob Squarepants'
The highest earning song by Michael Jackson
The movie series with characters Bruce Wayne, Two Face, and Ras Al Ghul
The 'small punching bag like red thing' hanging in the back of your throat
The sixth noble gas
The player on the cover of video game Mlb 2k10
The first show to ever be on the channel Cartoon Network
The most succesful (officially) fast food company
The show where a famous soup chef said 'NO SOUP FOR YOU'
The person who has been a president, asassinated, and an alleged 'Vampire Hunter'
The month that Arbor day is in
The third Harry Potter book
The Greek God of Wine
The state with the most rainfall average
The name of a video game with characters named Chell, Wheatley, and Cave Johnson
The main quarterback for the Denver Broncos (2012)
The word Tuesday in Italian
The plastic tip on the end of your shoelace

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