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______ Rockers in the house tonight
I wanna rock and roll all _____ and party everyday
I don't wanna be an _______ idiot
Till I ______ I'm spilin' these raps
We will, we will, _____ you
I kissed a ____ and I liked it
I got them moooooves like _____
Lookin at the ____ in the mirror
______ singing in the dead of nighhht
We are gonna light it up, like it's _______
______ man, burnin' up this fuse up here alooone
Boom Boom, Boom Boom, baby, super______
She wears short ____, I wear t shirts
Darlin I would catch a ______ for ya
Can we pretend that ______ in the night sky are shooting stars
____ of the tiger, the thrill of the fight
Darlin you got to let me know, should I ____ or should I go
When you look me in the eye, tell me that ya _____ me
yaaaa it's a party in the ____
We found love in a ______ plaacee

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