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Can you name the The Vampire Diaries the people who said these quotes in?

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Forced Order
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'Theres rings and then the that'
'I am sensing seattle and he plays the guitar'
''Hello brother'
'Your hairs different. I like it.'
'Oh please i got all that beteween third and fourth period'
'Your such a dick'
'When was the last time you had sex with a puppy'
'Thank god i couldn't take another day of the ninties.'
'None that i talk to'
'I wouldn't want anyone to read mine'
'I can't tell you what to do but coming here was a mistack.'
'Tell me something. Whens the last time you had something stronger than a squirrel.'
' technically we meet in the mens room'
'Caroline you and me it's not gonna happen i am sorry'
'Want till you see what i can do with the fog.'
'I was wondering who abducted you, but now i know'
'Did you hurt yourself'
'Don't give me that i know the game you tear them up enough they always suspect an animal attack. You said you had it under control.'
'Wait i got this... don't stay out late it's a school night
'I pomised you an eternity of misery i am just keeping my word.'
'those people in uniforms.. last time i check there the police.'

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