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What does Dean say in almost every episode?It is pretty much his catch phrase.
What is Sam and Dean's mother's name?Madian name Cambell.
What is Sam and Dean's father's name?Was killed by yellow eyes.
What is yellow eyes actual name?He killed both parents of Sam and Dean.
Who is the only demon who ever possessed one of the winchester brothers?She is eventually killed by Crowley.
Who did the demon possess?One of the Winchesters.
Which Winchester brother went to hell?He made a deal with a crossroads demon.
Why did he make the deal?He made a deal with a crossroads demon.
Who pulled Dean out of hell?At the beginning of season four.
What pulled Dean out of hell?When Pamela saw his true form he burned his eyes out.
Who is Samuel Cambell?Killed by Azazel
Who is Deanna Canbell?Killed by Azazel. Comes back in six.
Who wrote the Supernatural books?First showed up in The monster at the end of this book.
What's the alias he used to publish the books?Last seen at the end of season five.
What is Chuck?Protected by arcangel.
Who is Kevin Tran?Shows up in season seven
Who let the Leviathans?Happened at the end of season six.
Who was the lead of the Leviatans?Is a political person or something.
Who kills the leader of the Leviatans?Had help from Castiel.
When He killed the leader of the Leviatans where did he get sent to?Was sent there with Castiel.
Who did Sam marry?Superfan of the Supernatural books.
What demon did Sam sleep with?She helped him with a lot od things as well.
What angel did Dean sleep with?She's a fallen angel
What was Sam's girlfriend at the beginning of the first season?Yellow eyes had her killed
Who actually killed Sam's girlfriend?Was a friend of Sam's and Jessica's. He actually introduced them.
Who becomes the king of hell?He sort of helped them stop Lucifer and he sort of helped them stop trhe Leviatans.
How does he change hell?He shows Castiel.
What is Dean and Sam's grandpa's name?From the Winchester side of the family.
What was he?The Winchester Grandpa knew the true.
In what season did Sam not have his soul for a little bit?Dean makes a deal with Death to get Sam's soul back from the cage.

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