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Who were the tributes from district 2 in the first movie?
Who is Katniss best friend?
What weapon does Katniss use best?
How many people are entered into the arena?
What are the wasps called that the Capitol makes?
Who runs the Capitol?
Who tried to destroy district 13?
How many districts enter tributes into the games?
What is Katniss' symbol?
Who is Katniss' 'boyfriend?'
Where did Katniss' dad die?
What does Katniss' do with her free time?
What does Katniss' best friend call her?
How many districts are there total?
Who is Katniss' friend from district 11?
Who is Katniss' mentor?
Who did the reaping in district 12?
What are the birds called that the Capitol makes?
In Katniss' whole life, how many times is she forced into The Hunger Games?
What is her sisters name?
What weapon is Rue killed by?
What is the name of the berry that can kill you?
Who did not kill Katniss in the games when he had an easy chance?
How many books are there?
What is the age qualification to be in the games?

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