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What color is Kenny's coat?
What is the bus driver's name?
Which person dies EVERY episode?
What comes next after 'Oh My God! They killed Kenny!
What color hair does Bebe have?
What state is South Park located in?
Who is related to Jimbo?
What is Stan's dad's name?
What is Kyle's mom's first name?
What is the school's mascot?
Who is the schools' teacher?
Who is the one that is addicted to coffee?
What is the name of Jimbo's friend?
What is the name of the Chinese restaurant in South Park?
What is the Mayor's TITLE?
Who does Stan like?
What is the color of Kyle's hat?
Who locks himself in Stan's closet?
What is Cartman's favorite snack?
What is the name of the Christmas poo?
What is Kyle's dad's name?
What color hat does Craig wear?
What is Kyle's brothers name?
What is the boys favorite TV show?
What is the counselers name?

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