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Can you name the TV Show from the loosely synonymous first lines of their theme songs?

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It's a seldom found situation in this modern era to puruse any pleasant headlines in the Herald's leaves.
What might your reaction be if I crooned off key?
This is the tale of a beautiful maiden who was rearing a trio of beautiful daughters.
Merely recline and you shall listen to a story, a story of an eventful journey.
An equine is an equine, naturally, naturally.
Now is the hour to blast the tunes, now is the hour to illuminate the bulbs.
Now this is the tale of how my existence was inverted.
Greetings planet, this is the tune that we're intoning, hurry, elate yourself!
Approach and rap on our portal, we've anticipated your arrival.
My gratitude for your camaraderie.
Forging your path on this earth at the present requires all that you possess.
Nary a soul related to you that existence would persist in such a manner.

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