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answers to questions about the iCarly epAnswer
What color hat was Carly wearing at the beginning?
What did Carly call Sam's fake mustache?
Who did Spencer guest star as?
What is Gibby's real first name?
Who is having a parole trial?
Where did she trap the 'iCarlys' previously?
Sam has been where that is not fun?
What did Spencer soak his feet in?
Who was staying at Freddy's house?
What did Gibby get a replica of from a machine in the mall?
What did Gibby do a commercial for?
What type of food does Gibby say he likes?
Who is Spencer on a lunch date with?
Why does T-bo come over and interrupt Spencer's date?
What does T-Bo eat?
What type of toothpaste does Spencer use?
What does he tell his date is for dessert?
Who has custody of Nora when she is released into parole?
What nationality of supper is waiting for her at home?
Where does her father want to go?
What does Sam try to steal?
What game does Spencer's girfriend have?
What game is Mrs. Benson forcing T-Bo to play with him?
What is on Mrs. Benson's sister's head?
What caused the sister's situation
answers to questions about the iCarly epAnswer
Name one of the 'Norwegian' foods
What is the cream made from?
What do Nora and her Mom to do the iCarly gang?
What does Sam try to do to escape?
What is spencer on after he gets put in the basement?
What does Nora force the iCarlys to wear?
What are the party guests?
Where does Nora put Freddie's cell phone?
How does Gibby say Santa Claus would get out of the house?
What does Nora do to Freddie?
What does Mrs. Benson do to the lease?
What did the other iCarlys do while Freddie was being kissed?
Where does Gibby get stuck?
What does the wheel Spencer is on do at Nora's command?
What words wake Sam up?
Who comes home?
What do the kids throw at Gibby?
What does Sam call Nora's house?
What do Carly and Sam try to disable?
What is T-Bo's shampoo called?
How long have the iCarlys been at Nora's house?
What does T-Bo drive through the door?
What does Freddie's mom call herself when she fights Nora and her family?
Where is Carly at the end of the episode?
Where is Gibby at the end of the episode??

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