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Can you name the answers to these cryptic crossword clues?

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Losing Miami's location, monarch becomes like movie popcorn (7)
Decapitated, beg, confused for cheddar (6)
Greeting in Pre-Xtian scripture is Shakespearean tragedy (7)
Without phosphorus, dinner becomes wonderful (5)
With the last one first, children slip (4)
Wildebeests' mothers return to electronics company (7)
Illinois city, stylish once (7)
Emerging star goes back to selling makeup (4)
Constellation, after growth of tail, becomes habitat for some fish (8)
Twisted single large object is a flower (7)
Wandering around Oman, I find type of acid (5)
Get confused at three and go to playhouse(7)
Prime the family gourd (7)
Color traditional Easter object and everything else; there's a slant to it (8)
Ladies hear crazy cat sound, no? (5)
Queen's beverage with added precipitation gets rail transport (5)
Following mealtime, after endless joke, boy dances with me (12)
Island nation says California's ending, preserves artificial intelligence (7)
Augusta's place ruins Japanese cartoons (5)
Wanting to be pain reliever with gravity (8)
Ms. Chanel with top grade chocolate (5)
When mom's sister goes topless, she's into that girl who shoots things (6)
Advantages encompassing everything: Increases in size!(8)
For no good reason, pronounces wine hot (3, 3)
Tampered-with candy, i. e., is poison (7)

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