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Who shoots Dr.Mofesto in the episode: 'Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty ****'?
In 'Weight Gain 4000', what book does Cartman put his name on and pass in as his book report?
Whom does Scuzzlebut have as a leg in 'Volcano'?
Whom does Scuzzlebut have as a leg in 'Flashbacks'?
What animal do the film makers portray Mr.Hankey as in 'Chefs Chocolate Salty Balls'?
Who temporarily replaces Mr.Hat?
What word do the boys 'make up' to insult the boys from New York in ''Worldwide Recorder Concert'?
What is the name of the Christian Rock band formed by Cartman in 'Christian Hard Rock'?
What is Butters real first name?
What is Cartman's middle name
Barbara Streisand needs the two triangles to form the diamond of _____________?
In the Imaginationland trilogy, whom must Butters picture in his head to help win the war?
In season 2, from who do the boys learn the importance of larger corporations?
What did Ned have removed that forces him to talk using a voicebox?
In 'Hooked on Monkey Phonics', what word does Cartman spell incorrectly?
What is Ike's real name?
From which country do people come hoping to take the place of Canadiens in 'Canada on Strike'?
What do Jimbo and Ned yell out before shooting an animal in 'Volcano'?
What Asian appetizer also happens to be a curse word in 'It hits the fan?'
What is the name of Russell Crowe's show in 'The Terrence and Phillip Movie Trailer'?
According to Lover Boy, Pig and Elephant DNA _____ _______ _______
What disease do the boys give to their parents in'Chickenpox?'
What change in season 1 does Mr.Garrison undergo that causes all the women in town to chase him?
What porno do the Boys obtain and attempt to return in 'The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring?
What is the name of Stan's sister?

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