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What did the prime minister of Canada take away that upset the people of Montreal in 'Christmas Time in Canada'?
what do the boys try to purchase for Kyle's dad in 'Spontaneous Combustion'?
Which one of the boys dads wins a Nobel Prize in season 3?
What is Jimmy's favorite christmas song that he performs in front of the entire town of South Park?
What is the name of the 200th episode of south park?
What is the boys code word told to Tweek in 'The Simposons Already Did that'?
Which character saves the boys while they are being brainwashed at the planetarium?
Who is the first person sent through the Imagination doorway?
What is the name of the boy who hunts the children in 'Pre-School'?
What is Scott Tenorman's favorite band?
What show do the boys watch throughout the episode 'Clubhouses' that helps them cope with their problems?
What country is Starvin Marvin from?
Who temporarily becomes the boys teacher in 'Toms Rhinoplasty'?
What is the name of Stans dog?
What does Mr.Garrison call his creation that makes airports obsolete?
What is the name of the episode when Ike has his briss?
An episode in season 2 is called Merry Chrsitmas _____________ __________________
Who is responsible for making up the pirate ghosts in 'Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery'?
Which character can not read in the episode 'Chickenlover'?
What is the name of Professor Chaos assistant?
Who is constantly trying to tear down the city wall in 'Child Abduction Is Not Funny'?
Which Lord of the Rings character does Cartman play in 'The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring'?
Which filmmaker chases Stan and Kenny in 'The Passion of the Jew'?
After falling off of a bull in 'Cow Days' Cartman thinks he is a Vietnamese prostitute named..?
What country are the quintuplets from?

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