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Forced Order
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Who is the narrator of the series
Who is Percy's Latin teacher?
Who is Percy's best friend?
What is is he?
What is the first monster Percy faces?
What is her real name?
Who replaces Mrs. Dodds as the pre-algebra teacher?
Who bullies Percy in The Lightning Thief
What school does Percy go to in the Lightning Thief?
What bus do Percy and Grover take to Manhattan?
What is the name of Percy's mother?
What is the name of Percy's step-father?
Where do Percy and his mother go on vacation?
What do they run from with Grover?
What does Percy kill the minotaur with?
Who is the person Percy sees when he first wakes up?
The second time?
Who is the first god Percy officially meets?
What is the place Percy is at?
Who else is sitting with Dionysus?
What is Chiron?
What card game do they play?
What cabin number does Percy go to?
Who is the patron?
Who is the counsellor?
Who does Percy meet near the bathrooms?
Who is Clarisse's father?
What is he the god of?
What is Percy's job in Capture the Flag?
Who captures the flag?
Who claims Percy?
What is he the god of?
What cabin number does Percy go to?
Who does Percy talk to about his quest?
Who goes on the quest with Percy?
What are the first monsters they meet?
The second?
Where do they meet her?
What is the name of Percy's sword?
What helps Percy, Annabeth, and Grover get train tickets?
Who does the trio meet at the Gateway Arch?
What does she have with her?
What does Percy meet in the Mississippi River?
What other god does the trio meet?
Where does the god send them?
What ride do they go on?
What city do they stop in next?
Where do they say?
Where do they go from there?
What is in Los Angeles?
What creature does Annabeth play with in the Underworld?
What do they play with?
Who do they meet before entering the Underworld?
How do they escape the Underworld?
Who does Percy fight when they reach the surface?
What did Percy fail to save in the end?
Who was the Lightning Thief?
What gods does Percy meet on Olympus?
How does Sally get rid of Gabe?
Who plays Luke in the movie?

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