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Can you name each member of the 2014 Brewers using the provided clues?

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He led the team in sacrifice hits (bunts) with 10
This pitcher led all Brewers relievers in HBP
Despite being the oldest starting pitcher, he recorded two CG shutouts among his 31 starts
Despite making only 14 starts, he led the starting pitchers in ERA and had a bWAR of 2.5
One of three Brewers to play all three outfield positions
He played the most complete games for the Brewers in 2014
He led the team in defensive rWAR at 2.0
This pitcher was approached by NASA to help get objects off the ground
One of two Brewers pitchers to be called for a balk
He led the Brewers in double plays grounded into
He led the Brewers in innings pitched with 198.2 and strikeouts with 154
He led the team in RBI with 81
He hit the most home runs for the Brewers in September
He made his major league debut on September 2 and recorded a double, his only hit of the season
One of four Brewers to hit a grand slam in 2014
He finished the season with 122 hits, the same as the number of times he struck out
Among pitchers with at least 50 IP, this reliever had the lowest K/9 rate
He was named the Pacific Coast League pitcher of the year
One of five players to DH this year, he made two starts at the position
He was the only pitcher to allow more home runs than walks
The most versatile Brewer, he played at six different positions during the season
This reliever was traded for at the end of August and made 11 appearances in September
He posted a 3.70 ERA and is the only other reliever to record a save in 2014
Despite having a losing record for the first time in his career, he had his best full-season ERA of 3.51
He made four starts in right field, the only position he played this season
This former Cardinal made his Brewers debut on September 7 against the Cardinals
He was suspended for the most games of any Brewer in 2014
One of two position players to make a relief appearance in 2014
The youngest 2014 Brewer
He was one of two Brewers to draw five intentional walks
He finished the season with the second most games finished with 15
A September callup, this player made his first appearance in the majors since 2011
After joining the team in July, he made 29 relief appearances, recording a 1.88 ERA
Despite entering the season as the assumed closer, he did not record a save
He joined the team in July via trade and made the second most starts in left field
Despite leaving spring training as the setup guy, he took the closer's role and recorded 44 saves
This pitcher was 11th on the team in offensive rWAR
The only Brewer to record an RBI without collecting a hit during the season
He led all pitchers in winning percentage at .833
This player's OPS was only 15 points higher than the primary catcher's OBP

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