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Can you name the four-letter pitcher names and other words that make up this Brewers themed word ladder?

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Hint4-Letter Word
** 2014 Brewers Pitcher: [Rung 50] ____ **
A hill of sand
Eat at a restaurant
Jump into water head first
** 2006-10 Brewers Pitcher: _____ [Rung 47] **
** 1999 Brewers Pitcher: Carl ____ **
To create something
** 1977-84 Brewers Pitcher: ____ Caldwell **
Multiple small rodents
Informal version of evening
Short reminder
Part of the face
To be defeated
Part of a team's record
Character from Friends
** 2004-2006 Brewers Pitcher: Jorge de la ____ **
Red flower
To get up
Ceremonial practice
Microscopic organism
Baseball glove
** 2004-07 Brewers Pitcher: ____ [Rung 38] **
Soft pads on the floor
Hint4-Letter Word
Multiple large rodents
New team in Los Angeles
Traditional holiday meats
** 1976-85 Brewers Pitcher: Moose ____ **
Every baseball player must wear these
What pitchers don't want to allow
To rest on a chair or other item
Parts of a volleyball or tennis match
** 2007-09 Brewers Pitcher: ____ McClung **
Alternate to the Jedi in Star Wars
Accompanied by
Something you want
** 2004-07 Brewers Pitcher: [Rung 24] ____ **
Trick meant to deceive
** 2014-16 Brewers Pitcher: ____ Smith **
** 1974-80 Brewers Pitcher: ____ Castro **
Machine for grinding
To think it over
Person that inspires
Smashed wet food
** 2006-10 Brewers Pitcher: [Rung 5] ____ **
To hit hard
Famous composer
** 2014 Brewers Pitcher: ____ [Rung 1] **

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