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1. What show trains contestants to be successful with losing weight at home?
2. Name the female trainer of the show to answer #1
3. Name the male trainer of show #1?
4. What show put contestants on a island in tribes until their torch is snuffed?
5. Who is the most recent winner of the show for answer #4?
6. What show forces contestants over obstacles including the big, red balls?
7. How many Johns host the show on answer #6?
8. In what show do contestants travel around the world in a chase?
9. Who hosts the show for answer #8?
10. What summertime show is hosted by Julie Chen?
11. What is it called when a contestant is voted out of show #10?HINT: When a person is kicked out of an apartment, they are _________?
12. What show judges celebrities on their ability to tango [i.e.]?
13. Who is the lead judge of show #12?
14. Who recently won show # 12?
15. Donald Trump host________?
16. Donald Trump says _______to eliminated contestants?
17. Who recently won show #15?
18. Name one of the three major networks for all these show (first alphabetically)
19. Same as #18 (2nd alphbetically)
20. Same as #18 (last alphabetically)

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