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Can you name the Hollyoaks Characters?

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Forced Order
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Current Club Owner
In Love With Current Club Owner
Halfcast Baby
John-Paul's Baby
DarreNancy's Baby
Tony and Diane's Male Baby
Tony and Diane's Female Baby
Survived cancer, took on Danny Dyer
Currently carrying Dr. Death's Baby
Joe Roscoe's Real Father
Firefighter, Blonde, Lomax
Danny's Daughter With A Daughter
Son Of Jack Osbourne (That Isn't Darren)
This Time It IS Him...
They Can't Decide On An Actress For This Girl...
Currently Being 'Cared' For By Sienna Blake
The Little Lomax
Trevor's Boss
Feisty Cop That Hates Trevor
Bitch. Old. Slept With Ziggy.
Sienna .v. _____ (For Darren)
His Beloved Died In The Explosion (He's Not A Creep In A Wheelchair)
She's A Nurse, Freddie Loves Her
Dating Trevor's Boss
Loves Himself More Than Anything
The Bitch McQueen
A Self Tanning Machine Exploded In Her Face
Gay (Not Ste, Vincent George, Tilly or Esther))
The Youngest Roscoe
Full Of Tattooes
Illegal Immigrant
Lives With The Osbournes (Little Boy)
She Found Anna's Necklace
Loves Her Mobility Scooter
Village 'Bad Boy'
The Village Lawyer
Woman Abuser, Daughter Abuser, Headteacher
This Person Killed Calvin
Ste's Little Boy
Gave Birth To Rhys's Baby
The Most Amazing Woman In All Of Hollyoaks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mitzeee's Hot Sister
She Lived On The Streets
Robbie's Best Friend
His Mother^^^^^
The Actress Played Romilda In Harry Potter
Everyone's Favourite Funny Guy
In Love With Vincent, Slept With Ste
The Hottest Lesbian Ever (In Hollyoaks)
Tried To Kill Herself
Propa Cockney
Red Van Man

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