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Episode 1 - New Earth. When Cassandra is in Rose's body what words does she say instead of 'Believe'
Episode 2 - Tooth And Claw. What year do The Doctor and Rose arrive in Scotland?
Episode 3 - School Reunion. What famous companion returns in this episode?
Episode 4 - The Girl In The Fireplace. After Mickey says 'He said not to look for him' and Rose goes 'Yeah, he did' , What does Mickey then do?
Episode 5 - Rise Of The Cybermen. Complete the name '____ Lumic'
Episode 6 - Age Of Steel. Which main character dies in this episode?
Episode 7 - The Idiots Lantern. Who does The Doctor impersonate whilst sat on the bike?
Episode 8 - The Impossible Planet. Finish the quote: The beast and his armies shall rise from the pit...
Episode 9 - The Satan Pit. What does the doctor use to save the people from the black hole?
Episode 10 - Love & Monsters. What planet does the Absorbaloff come from?
Episode 11 - Fear Her. When the man asks The Doctor 'What's your game?' , What is the doctor's first reply?
Episode 12 - Army Of Ghosts. What planet does Jackie Tyler not want to end up on?
Episode 13 - Doomsday. What is the name of the Timelord machine the Dalek's have hold of?

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